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PBC laser develops and sells high brightness and high power laser diodes and laser diode based modules and systems at wavelengths of 980 nm and 1060 nm for applications in the fields of industrial material processing. The company was incorporated in 2008 as a spin-off of the Solid State Physics Institute of the Technical University Berlin, Germany (TUB). The Solid State Physics Institute of TUB is a world-leading institute in the modelling and development of nanophotonic devices and their technology. PBC Lasers GmbH will enable their customers to enter into new applications and to meet the continuously growing requirements of performance, cost reduction and reliability of the foreseeable future.


Fields of Activity

• Development of narrow-stripe single laser diodes

• Development of multi-stripe laser diode mini bars

• Development of active heat sinks for bar modules

• Development of external resonators for laser bars


Research & Development Activities

Development of laser diodes based on Photonic Band Crystal and HIBBEE wafer design. The IP of these lasers is owned by the company. Those lasers contain 9-15 microns wide waveguides, which lead to single mode emission in vertical and lateral direction for ridge waveguide lasers with ridge width up to 10 µm showing narrow far-field divergence and very good beam quality. Circular beam diameters could be demonstrated, leading to much simplified optical systems. Coherent coupling of multi stripes in external resonators results in power scaling. The concepts open ways for developing laser diodes, bars and stacks allowing scalable, focusable power at arbitrary high levels, needed in laser processing like laser welding, cutting, scribing, medical applications, spectroscopy and others.


Special Equipment

Laboratory equipment for complete electrical and optical characterization of laser diodes in the wavelength range of 900-1100 nm. Optical table for external resonators. Eutectic die bonder for positioning and soldering laser bars.


Technology Partners

Technische Universität Berlin – Zentrum für Nanophotonik, Universität Potsdam, C2GO inprocess solutions GmbH, InBeCon GmbH, Lumics GmbH, Raab Photonik GmbH, Picoquant GmbH


Current State-of-the-art Technologies

Single stripe laser diodes with max. optical power of 1.7 W cw at 1060 nm, beam quality M2 <1.5 built as a free space module on passive copper cooler.



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